Size Guide

Size US Womens'
XS 0-2
S 4-6
M 8-10
L 12-14
Bust Waist Hip
31"-32" 24"-25" 34"-35"
33"-34" 26"-27" 36"-37"
35"-36" 28"-29" 38"-39"
37"-38" 30"-31" 40"-41"

How to measure


Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.


Measure around the narrowest part of your waist, keeping the tape comfortably loose and paralell to the floor.


Stand with feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.


Puno Puno for ZANNI

If you’re a creative in Los Angeles, you probably know Puno. And if you know Puno, you know that very few introductions do her justice. She has a presence in downtown L.A. like no other, thanks to her lively personality, sharp wit, and effortless style. She runs multiple businesses online and off, and wears her “slashie” badge with pride. That’s what makes Puno the ultimate ZANNI girl.

How do you usually introduce yourself? Give our readers the 411 on who Puno is.

“Hi! I'm Puno. Uno with a P?” Haha. For what I do, I like to ask about them first and then choose whatever is most relevant to that person. Ain't nobody has time to listen to my autobiography!

If I don't know them, I'll usually say web designer. If my camera is out, I'll say I make videos on YouTube. If they are a creative person, I'll say I'm the Founder of ilovecreatives, a platform that connects creatives. If they are in marketing, I'll say I'm the Founder of PeopleMap, a tool for Instagram. If they are an alien from outer space, I say, “Greetings! Welcome to Earth!”



In a city of creatives always juggling the side hustle, you're the queen of effective multi-tasking. Any pointers?

Outsource. The only way to do that is by understanding what your time is worth. Start by tracking your time. If you track your time, you’ll realize that training someone to help you will take way less time than the amount of time it takes to do that one task every week.

Also, start a bullet journal or some kind of to do list that includes weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. If I am getting a lot done, I’m rarely “multi-tasking.” I’m typically prioritizing and getting through tasks one by one. If I think of something I want to look up or anything that isn’t the task I’m doing, then I add it to my to do list. Sometimes, when I randomly want to Google Pharrell’s age, I’ll say out loud, “No Puno!”


Puno DTLA It Girl

What does your daily routine look like?

I just started a “Mid-30s Fitness Friends” squad and we are all shooting for 10,000 steps per day. We’re a pretty competitive group so exercising is number one priority in the morning. I’m usually at Los Angeles Athletic Club playing squash, swimming, or watching Stephen Colbert on the treadmill.

I often have about one to two meetings or calls in a day and then in between I’m getting through that list. I try to do a video/photoshoot once a week to keep my creative mojo flowing, but otherwise I’m working on ilovecreatives and PeopleMap on le computer. I try to be on my computer for at least four hours a day. Some people want to be away from it, but I really like being on my computer.


Puno Founder of PeopleMap

What's it like being the "it" girl of DTLA? No really! Tell us your secrets.

LoL, I have a scary clown outfit? I kid, I kid. I think it’s because I have my own schedule. I fill it with meeting new people, riding my bike (which leads to meeting new people), and doing collabs just for fun. It’s really easy to meet people in DTLA, there’s no traffic!



Describe your style in 3 words.

Korean Filipino Grandma

Name one thing you can't stop talking about right now and why.

Ohhh I like this question! Besides my cat, Muad’Dib…I’m super interested in the cannabis industry. I just recently worked on a freelance project for a cannabis company and it was fascinating to see how they are designing strains. Unlike alcohol, cannabis is helping people in a variety of ways, emotionally and physically. I use it for sleep, PMS, and to just laugh. Haha! I’m not high right now. :)